Plexus Group was established in Germany in the late 80s with the aim to provide transition management and start-up assistance to companies during the times of fast paced technology and communication changes.

Notable projects in Germany were the first wholesale fiber network concept in Munich, a network of highly skilled IT service providers and the leading networking company.

It's Africa entity which was founded in 1998 helped the largest Tourism Group in East Africa to adjust to new technologies and management practises and to establish a LAN and WAN network spanning several continents. In 2004 Plexus started the first African Wholesale Network based on Fiber, Microwave and later (2007) in high capacity, dense WiFi deployments. Kenya Data Networks, now known as Liquid Telecom was able to provide affordable and in certain areas free broadband services while retaining profitability.

Plexus consulted as well for Google and played a lead role in Google Fiber and Google's international networks like CSquared. Projects Kai Wulff was involved in or led were LOON (Broadband balloons globally), CSquared in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria (fiber wholesale and WiFi broadband last mile delivery), Indian Railway WiFi.

In 2015 Plexus incorporated in Brownsville in partnership with BMC (now BML) to bring broadband and technology innovation to the RGV.

Notable projects were the network for Tres Lagos in McAllen, network planning for the city of Pharr and systems modernization for the largest RGV DQ franchise.

2018 and 2019, Plexus created a 48M USD rollout plan for Kenya and was awarded the tender under Balton (Plexus customer) by the largest Cellphone operator in East Africa.

Plexus is also involved in several IT and network audits for the RGV cities, school districts and private entities.